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Recent trends in migration flows across states

There have been numerous studies conducted and reports written on the increasing flow of persons within states. The trend of internal migration has become more intense in the backdrop of rural development initiative. As most of the migrant flows are observed from rural to urban areas, the debate in academic circles engages on the condition […]

Voting for an identity

With election season in full bloom, political parties have released their manifestos which among other promises, contains special mention of migrants. Take for example the Congress manifesto for upcoming assembly polls; it promises to double the city’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), improve infrastructure and provide better living conditions for migrants if elected back to power. […]

Cost of migration: The plight of migration workers

It is well known that majority of the internal migrants are found in the construction industry but its size can be gauged from the fact that it is the largest employer in India after agriculture with around 33 million in its labour pool. Another staggering fact is its contribution to the nations GDP which, at […]