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March Towards Livelihood Development

Under the Migrant Worker Support Program, for migrant workers and their families work security, several village level awareness programmes are being conducted by SSK Lalgopalganj in 50 Panchayats of Kaudihar block covering 200 villages. As an effect of the efforts made till now, migrant community have started to express their belief that the awareness created in the migrant community is the result of PEPUS’ activities.


In the course of village level meetings it was found that the only income migrant families has, comes from the remittances of the migrant member of the family.

The income from migration runs the migrant household

. As migrant workers are employed only for 6 to 7 months in a year they have to resort to incurring debt from local moneylenders or depend on the advance payment from the brick kiln owners or the contractors to run their household in the period of unemployment. This amounts to constant indebtedness of the family and a large portion of their income goes in repayment of debts. To counter the problem of indebtedness and changing the financial conditions for the better

PEPUS initiated formation of Swajeevika Vikas Samuh with the women of the migrant families from last six months.

The first SVS in the region was formed in village Sapatua , it comprised of 11 members and was named ‘Jai Maa Ambe’ SVS and initial saving amount was set at Rs. 100 per month. The SVS started holding monthly meetings. Inspired by these developments another SVS— Durgeshwari—was formed with 11 members and the initial savings was set at Rs. 100 just like the preceding SVS. Savings are being deposited regularly in both the groups and SVS have started crediting process with its current assets. Impressed by the ongoing SVS other women are inclined to join in. Moreover, it is reported that SVS formation is being deliberated in nearby villages also. The fact has come to light that SVS has the potential to become a welcome alternative to the regressive practice of receiving debt from moneylenders or to taking advance from the brick kiln owners. Besides this , the asset that the SVS is accruing can be used fruitfully in future. This progressive step taken by the women is an indicator of optimistic thinking and reflects the determination of the women of migrant families.

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