Job creation remains a problem for government

Subject : Working Conditions | Source(s) : NDTV | Date : 31-Jan-2018

Job creation remains a big worry even as higher growth is predicted by the Economic Survey for the next fiscal. S Suresh, a migrant worker from Tamil Nadu, has returned to work at a restaurant in Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram after five months. He was one of the five staff members who were sent back indefinitely on leave soon after demonetisation. "Business is still slow due to money problem. We all were sent one after another on leave. Things are slow," said the migrant worker. Experts within the hospitality industry say the sector is still to recover from job losses. "The hospitality sector provides employment to around 1.5 million in Kerala. And we are talking about job decline of 15 per cent, which would affect around 1.5 lakh people," EM Najeeb, chairman of ATE group, told NDTV. A study by Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation states that there are around 25 lakh migrants in Kerala. But the recent state government estimates peg it around 10 lakh based on the registration of migrants for Aawaz health insurance scheme, which covers migrant labourers. Still, the discrepancy in existing data and the lack of data on most counts is a huge challenge. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is expected to focus on small businesses and the farm sector.

Link : https://www.ndtv.com/business/budget-2018-for-migrant-workers-in-kerala-job-market-still-remains-weak-1806313

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