Migrants ready to return to urban areas for employment

Subject : Working Conditions | Source(s) : mint | Date : 10-Oct-2020

Similarly, income of self-employed migrants across these six states dived 86.29%. Among states, self-employed migrants in UP and Chhattisgarh reported a cent percent drop in income. Casual agricultural labourers and casual non-agri labourers saw a drop of 62.49% and 56.87% respectively. This indicates that livelihood options for salaried and self-employed labour force are extremely limited in rural India and how the job loss and income loss impacted the livelihood of a sizable portion of workers. “Median age of migrant heads and female heads are just 26 years and 27 years, respectively. Amongst the migrant states surveyed, Chhattisgarh migrants are the youngest with median age of 25 years and the youngest female heads, with median age of 23 years. Migration of workers in such large scale and in young age is an important indicator for authorities at the State and Central levels to take suitable action for creation of opportunities for employment locally," the survey said underlining another aspect of the migrants’ crisis. Talking about the willingness of migrants to come back to urban areas, the survey said, while nearly 68% are ready to return cumulatively, it’s the UP (89.31%) and Jharkhand (92.31%) migrants who are willing to return most. West Bengal (35%) and Odisha (59%) migrants are most hesitant to come back. “State wise distribution has sizeable difference in willingness to go back and the first reason are the push and pull factors. For example, in Jharkhand, the highest percentage of migrants, whooping 92.31% wants to go back and amongst them 98.71% see employment opportunity therein, (here) the push factor is tremendous. This analysis also draw attention to the perceived demand of migrants in Place of migration and the employers' willingness to give employment on same and more wages. Majority of migrants who are willing to return from Bihar have given the reason for employers willing to give employment on same or more wages and from Uttar Pradesh 41.69% of willing migrants say so." the survey said.

Link : https://www.livemint.com/news/india/70-reverse-migrants-ready-to-return-as-income-falls-sharply-11602235295765.html

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