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Draft Policy Framework for Improving the Conditions of Labour Migrants from Bihar

Published By : TISS | Publish Date : 12 Oct, 2017

Bihar has a long history of labour migration, and its pace has quickened over the the past few decades. A lack of non-farm employment opportunities in rural Bihar, coupled with increasing demand for labour in other parts of the country has substantially increased the rate of labour migration from the state. However, a large number of migrant workers from Bihar are engaged in short term, casual and precarious employment at the destinations. They live and work in unsafe and unhygienic conditions. In the villages, households of migrant workers suffer from low and irregular remittances, semi-feudal systems, lack of access to social protection and basic services, as well as political exclusion. These issues are aggravated by the disproportionate burden on women to manage the household in the absence of men. In this scenario, it is essential for all stakeholders, including the source and destination governments, as well as workers’ organisations, to understand and collectively respond to the issues and challenges of labour migrants and their families.

Link : http://www.tiss.edu/uploads/files/PolicyBriefLabourMigrationRevised.pdf

Document : 20171010030707.pdf

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