Migration Patterns

Assessing the Evidence: Environment, Climate Change and Migration in Bangladesh

Author : International Organization for Migration (IOM) | 2016
Published By: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The nexus of environment, climate change and migration is becoming an increasingly important policy issue for Bangladesh, as in the wider South Asian region and globally. The intention of 'Assessing the Evidence: Environment, Climate Change and Migration' is to provide an informed starting point for discussions on this issue amongst all key stakeholders - including government, civil society, research institutions and development partners – in shaping the country's policy agenda on environmental migration going forward. The document brings together evidence on environment, climate change and migration in Bangladesh from a survey of existing literature and interviews with key experts -presented in Section One - with the findings of an IOM policy dialogue on this topic held on 23 May 2010 and presented in Section Two.

URL : http://publications.iom.int/system/files/pdf/environment_climate_change_bangladesh.pdf

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