Access to Education, Nutrition and Protection of Children of Migrant Workers

Author : Aide Et Action (South Asia) | 2016
Published By: UNICEF India, Aide Et Action-South Asia

India is emerging as a key economic power in the world. There have been positive trends in term of GDP growth and social sectors reforms. But still there are many aspects which need improvement when it comes to the realization of rights of the children. There are children who are still remaining invisible to the eyes of the government. Because they are on the move with their parents in search of the livelihood. This assessment report of three cities of Odisha” provides an insight on the status of education, nutrition and protection of these invisible children. This is an attempt of its first kind to document these children and bring out a database of migrant children who migrate with their families to these destinations of Odisha.

URL : 20131219032840.pdf

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