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Expanding Social spaces for women: Arpita Banerjee (NIUA)

What does Migration mean? Let us start from the entry point of what migration mean to women. It is well documented in numerous migration literatures that migration is mainly a response to the work/job opportunities available in the new place (Basu 2001; Dayal and Karan 2003) and it has enhanced the economic and the social […]

How a drought shapes the choice of livelihood

There are over 25,000 (female) sex workers in the city of Hyderabad, higher than any other city in India. Of them, 60 percent are women who migrated from villages and were forced to enter the sex trade as they had no other earning alternative. Women and children are forced to migrate to the city from […]

Small successes define larger outcomes

P. Susama Kukumistays at Kandasar village of Ganjam district with her family. Being the eldest daughter of the family, the responsibility of providing income rested on her. After her marriage to a person of nearby village, conditions where hoped to improve. With a family of her own now and her husband without work, she started […]

The ‘Invisible’ migrant worker

Household work has never been considered work in India. It has always been the duty of the woman: wife, mother, daughter or sister to do the chores and expect no pay. No wonder then that the domestic worker is so blatantly underpaid and exploited. Almost 400 million, or 85% of the workforce of the country […]