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Mapping the South-Asian Political Landscape in the Context of Migration

Given the current political climate in the world on the issue of migrants, refugees and the stateless, Partha S. Ghosh’s book, ‘Migrants, Refugees and the Stateless in South-Asia’ is a topical academic contribution on the same, addressing it within the context of South-Asia. In my mind, it is one of the first books in the 21st century to examine and the address the complexities of the issues from a historical and contemporary point of view. Ghosh has organsied the book in a framework of seven chapters. I shall be reviewing each chapter separately and then review the book as a whole in the larger context of the global political scenario. The book opens with a brief introductory chapter which highlights the issues of contention that Ghosh will address further in the book. They include the definitions of Migrants, Refugees and the Stateless as mentioned by the United Nations (UN). It then gives the theoretical framework from which the issues will be examined. They include the World Systems, Labour Market (Push-Pull), Demographic, Political, Geographical-Ecological-Developmental, Integration-Assimilation, Feminist, Socio-Cultural, Theory of Collective Memory and MemoryViolence-Migration circle approaches.

Read full Review here- http://bit.ly/2g6FMpA

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