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PARDA celebrates International Labour Day

May Day was observed by PARDA in collaboration with legal service authorities of the government, at Nuapada on 1st May. The celebration was an occasion to highlight key issues faced by migrants, such as the disconnect between government schemes and beneficiaries, the scope of labour laws, and how legal grievances can best be addressed.

Rudra Pattnaik (Chairman PARDA, Nuapada) welcomed guests to the event, and Mataram Lengi (BDO, Nuapada) delivered a speech on migrant labor issues and government schemes in place for laborers. He also appraised those present about how best to avail the benefits of these schemes.  R. K. Sethy (ASP, Police) discussed the importance of collectivization, and how organizations and collectives aid labourers in securing their rights and entitlements.

Bikram Kumar Pradhan (Secretary, DLSA) discussed the history and context of International Labor Day, and the ways in which it is celebrated across the world. Aswani Patra (Sr. Advocate) deliberated on labor rights secured by the letter of the law, and argued that labour laws can be successfully implemented only through proper awareness drives and the sincerity of bureaucrats. Rudra Pattnaik further elaborated on labor issues in connection with distress migration and how these can be mitigated. 

In the session on grievance redressal, Biram Kumar Pradhan (Secretary, DLSA) discussed specific distress migration and labour migration cases, and how these could be settled through the intervention of DLSA. The vote of thanks was extended by Kshanaprava Naik, PARDA, Nuapada, at the conclusion of the program.

People Awareness For The Rural Development Agency (PARDA) LogoPARDA was founded in Nuapada District in 1999, with a Gandhian spirit and ideology. The Nuapada geographical area is complex, diverse and risk-prone, and is considered among the most backward regions of the country, popularly known as KBK region of Orissa. PARDA has been extending information and services to marginalized sections of society with a focus on schedule castes and scheduled tribes; working to enable them to assert their rights and identify the causes of their oppression. 

Radhika M. Chakraborty

Radhika M. Chakraborty

Radhika M Chakraborty has completed a degree in English Literature from Delhi University and a Master's degree in Women's Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Her research interests include gender and migration, diasporas, Partition, internal displacement and Sindhi culture.
Radhika M. Chakraborty

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