International Seminar on Migration, Care, Economy and Development

Seminar | Subject : With changing age structure of the global population, migration receives increasing attention in terms of providing care for the economically inactive left behind population and its social and economic implications on families, the economy and the society as a whole. These provide serious challenges for researchers in developing appropriate methodology for complete understanding of the subject.
Seminar Date :17-Sep-2014 To 19 Sep 2014

This seminar is organised in honour of Professor K C Zachariah, a doyen of migration studies, who with his long and dedicated research on migration has motivated many scholars both in India and abroad to take up migration research, on his 90th birth day, with an aim of discussing all its dimensions with greater precision. Human migration across borders has been a phenomenon as old as the human history itself, but was somehow neglected from the mainstream disciplines until its socio-economic impacts on the sending and receiving countries were tremendously felt. Today, foreign remittances build the foundation of economic development for many countries, which has ignited the curiosity of many researchers worldwide. In the new era of economic changes, migration appears to play an important role of which most aspects remain unexplored.

Link : http://www.cds.edu/international-seminar-on-migration-care-economy-and-development/

Address : Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Trivandrum
Contact Details : zachariahat90@gmail.com

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