Call for Papers: 'Trafficking Representations'

| Subject : Human Trafficking
other Date :08-Jan-2016 To 01 Mar 2016

The Anti-Trafficking Review calls for papers for a themed issue entitled 'Trafficking Representations.' This issue will seek to explore the specific ways in which different forms of representation erase the complexity of the life trajectories of people who have experienced trafficking, as well as those of migrants, women, sex workers and others who are labelled as trafficked according to the rhetoric of neoliberal humanitarianism. At the same time, the special issue is interested in ways in which popular representations of trafficking and modern slavery have weakened the efforts to gain a better understanding of how social, economic and political inequalities and labour exploitation are produced and maintained in various locations.

Link : http://www.gaatw.org/events-and-news/68-gaatw-news/803-trafficking-representations-call-for-papers-anti-trafficking-review-thematic-issue

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