Workshop on Labour Migration and Social Change in South Asia

Workshop | Subject : Call for Papers
Workshop Date :27-Mar-2017 To 27 Mar 2017

This workshop offers a platform for young researchers, scholars and practitioners to share thoughts and receive feedback on current research about labour migration and the social changes it induces in sending and receiving communities. We invite papers from PhD scholars as well as young researchers and practitioners engaged with issues of migration and social change. The papers may be theoretical or empirical, qualitative or quantitative in their approach, but must rely on in-depth knowledge of labour migration, and clearly eludicate the link between migration and social change. Recognizing that social changes encompass a wide array of social dynamics, papers may encompass themes related to, but not exclusive to poverty, livelihoods, emerging labor market opportunities, social mobility, access to migration opportunity, inequality, caste relations, gender, spatial changes, etc.

Link : http://www.cprindia.org/events/5717

Address : Conference Hall, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi
Contact Details : mukta@cprindia.org tristan.brusle@csh-delhi.com

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