Orientation Course on Labour Migration: Perspectives and Practice (by TISS Patna & Aajeevika Bureau)

Workshop | Subject : labour migration
Workshop Date :09-Aug-2018 To 19 Aug 2018

The Course aims to provide a learning platform for practitioners and workers' rights advocates with focused work or engagement with labour migration. It aims to enrich practitioners’ field insights with conceptual inputs on labour migration and at the same time creates avenues for academic and policy discourses to draw from the ground experience of practitioners. The course seeks to bridge the divide between academia and practice through a two-way feedback loop, and deepen knowledge on labour migration. The last date for submission of completed applications is April 20, 2018.

Link : http://www.tiss.edu/view/5/mumbai-campus/centre-for-development-practice-and-research/orientation-course-on-labour-migration-perspective/

Address : TISS Patna Centre
Contact Details : Center for Migration and Labour Solutions (CMLS), Aajeevika Bureau, Centre for Development Practice and Research, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

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