Sampark’s approach is to adopt inclusive and empowering ways of working with the most marginalised groups in society that respect and promote equality. It has emphasized on people centered integrated livelihood approach pointing towards adopting a facilitating role, developing local leadership, and supporting several pronged development projects.
As a part of its research program, Sampark conducts research on development issues such as sustainable rural livelihood systems, gender and leadership, natural resource management, social learning processes, microfinance and people’s organizations.
  • Empowerment of Migrant workers for their Sustainable Livelihood
    Research Paper | 16-Feb-2014

    Based on the organization’s learning experience of over five years with migrant workers in the construction industry, Sampark initiated the project ‘Empowerment of Migrant Workers for their sustainable Livelihoods’ with the migrant worker communities in Bangalore, Karnataka. The identified target area for the project implementation is the construction sector in Bangalore city which is populated with interstate and intrastate migrants...

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