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Impact of Labour Migration to the Construction Sector on Poverty: Evidence from India

Published By : RMMRU | Publish Date : 01 Jan, 2016

Seasonal and circular migration is an important livelihood strategy for workers in developing countries and the construction industry is one of the largest recipients of such labour. The impact of labour migration to this industry on workers and their families is an important research issue with significant policy implications. The Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium conducted a three-country study on migrant construction workers in South Asia (India, Nepal, and Bangladesh). The country studies used similar methodologies and the principal findings are based on surveys of migrant construction workers and their families at source and destination. This policy brief presents the findings of the India study, which showed that while migrants have the opportunity for higher remuneration in the construction sector they also face significant work-related risks and difficult living conditions at destination. The brief concludes with policy recommendations to help ameliorate these challenges

Link : http://www.solutionexchange-un-gen-gym.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Impact-of-Labour-Migration-to-the-Construction.pdf

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