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Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana

Published By : Ministry of Labour and Employment | Publish Date : 01 Apr, 2008

The workers in the unorganized sector constitute about 93% of the total work force in the country. The Government has been implementing some social security measures for certain occupational groups but the coverage is miniscule. Majority of the workers are still without any social security coverage. Recognizing the need for providing social security to these workers, the Central Government had introduced a Bill in the Parliament. It has been clearly recognized that health insurance is one way of providing protection to poor households against the risk of health spending leading to poverty.the health insurance scheme aims to facilitate launching of health insurance projects in all the districts of the States in a phased manner for BPL workers.

Link : http://labour.nic.in/upload/uploadfiles/files/schemes/SwasthyaBimaYojana.pdf

Document : 20141125070353.pdf

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