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Grant-In-Aid Scheme For Financial Assistance

Published By : Ministry of Labour and Employment | Publish Date : 01 Jan, 2003

The phenomenon of child labour is due to socio-economic compulsions. Government’s policy is, therefore, to prohibit child labour in hazardous employment and regulate their working conditions in other employment/occupations. The working children are deprived of the basic requirements for their development, such as, education, health-care, nutrition etc. The purpose underlying the Scheme is to identify child labour and to make available welfare inputs to them through voluntary organizations. Economic independence of women is one of the basic factors which can ensure equal status for women. A clear cut and well defined policy relating, to women’s employment was, for the first time, embodied in the Sixth Five Year Plan. This has been repeated in the Seventh Plan which emphasis income generating schemes for women to enable them to participate actively in socio-economic development.

Link : http://labour.gov.in/upload/uploadfiles/files/schemes/Grant-In-Aid.pdf

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