Internal Migration India-Distress and Opportunities: A Study of Internal Migrants to Vulnerable Occupations in Delhi

Author : Harsh Mander, Gayatri Sahgal | 2015
Published By: UNESCO

This study chose to focus on internal migration to one of these most popular destinations: India’s capital city Delhi. This study of internal migrants in vulnerable occupations in Delhi was based firstly on detailed interviews with 500 randomly selected migrants in the metropolis conducted over a period of six months in 2009-10. This sample was equally distributed across the five selected vulnerable occupations: waste picking, rickshaw pulling, domestic work,construction labour and other casual labour. 420 interviews were organised in 10 randomly selected slum settlements, which had a good representation of all selected occupations. 30 interviews were conducted in construction camps, and 50 (of other casual labour) were held in homeless night shelters. These other settlements were selected so that the study did not lose sight of the most vulnerable among these workers, who did not live in their own homes, or were homeless. These interviews were supplemented by 10 focus-group discussions in the slum settlements, construction worker camps and night shelters. In addition, the researchers visited two villages in Bihar from where several of the interviewees had migrated: Kusiari, and Nimla Gaon. The researchers spent a total of five days in each village, and organised a total of 10 more focus-group discussions, with members of families of migrants.

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