Policy analysis: Climate change and Migration Bangladesh

Author : Richard Black, Maxmillan Martin, Yi hyun Kang, Motasim Billah, Tasneem Siddiqui, Dominic Kniveton | 2013
Published By: Climate & Development Knowledge Network

Bangladesh has been identified as one of the most vulnerable countries in the context of climate change (Huq2001, Huq and Ayers 2008). Its exposure to frequent and extreme climatic events such as floods and cyclones (IPCC 2012) is a concern for policymakers and scientists. Over the years, successive governments, civil society organisations and development partners have come up with innovative approaches to help the affected people adapt to climate change (IPCC 2012, Planning Commission 2012). This paper explores to what extent migration can be an effective way of adaptation to climate change and looks at policy options in this regard.

URL : http://migratingoutofpoverty.dfid.gov.uk/files/file.php?name=wp4-ccrm-b-policy.pdf&site=354

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