Migration Patterns

Internal and Regional Migration for Construction Work: A Research Agenda

Author : Priya Deshingkar, Benjamin Zeitlyn, Bridget Holtom | 2014
Published By: Migrating Out of Poverty

This working paper reviews evidence from the literature on internal migration for work in construction in developing countries. The literature reviewed was found through a search of academic databases and selected by the authors. The review identifies cases and contexts in which migration for construction work leads to exits from poverty as well as those in which it entrenches poverty. We also focus upon migrant selectivity and discourses within the literature about migration for construction work. The review identifies gaps in the literature and important themes, in particular those issues and phenomena relating to poverty and development. The small and diverse set of literature, identified for the purpose of this paper, focuses mainly on South Asia. Several areas for future research are suggested throughout the paper and in the concluding section.

URL : http://migratingoutofpoverty.dfid.gov.uk/files/file.php?name=wp-14---zeitlyn-deshingkar-internal-and-regional-migration-for-construction-work.pdf&site=354

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