The Linkage Between Migration and Child Labor: An International Perspective

Author : Sarah Flamm | 2010
Published By: Stanford Journal of International Relations

Youth move within and between countries for various reasons: escaping violence, searching for work or an education, societal pressures, or reuniting with family. Children on the move risk being tracked in the migration process and becoming involved in child labor upon arrival at their destination, especially when they migrate alone and internationally. Here we explore the factors that make children migrants vulnerable, and argue that international and state actor responses need to recognize that children have a right to move. "There is no basis in international law by which to restrict the migration of children of legal working age. It is therefore important not to stop migration, but to increase the protection of migrant children as well as enable them to better protect themselves.

URL : https://web.stanford.edu/group/sjir/12-1/fall10-final_2.pdf

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