Is Domestic Work a Worst Form of Child Labour? The Findings of a Six-Country Study of the Psychosocial Effects of Child Domestic Work

Author : Jennie Gamlina, Agnes Zenaida Camachob, Michelle Ongb, Therese Hesketha | 2013
Published By: Taylor & Francis

In this paper, we report on a study of the psychosocial effects of child domestic work (CDW) in six countries and the relevance of our findings to international legislation. Our results suggest that CDW is highly heterogeneous. While some young child domestic workers work long hours, suffer physical punishment and are at risk of psychosocial harm, others are able to attend school and benefit from good relationships with their employers and networks of support. Child domestic workers in India and Togo were most at risk of psychosocial harm. We conclude that classification of this employment as hazardous would not be appropriate and could be counterproductive and instead propose that legislation focuses on protective factors such as a social and community support.

URL : http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/14733285.2013.829660

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