Determinants of Migration from Rural to Urban India by the Labourer- An Overview

Author : Dr. B.C.M.Patnaik, Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy, Dr. Jitendra Mohanty, Mr. Anirban Mandal | 2015
Published By: Journal of Business Management & Social Sciences Research

Migration is often termed as a movement from one place to another but the movement basically influenced by lots of socio-economic factors which vary country wise or region wise. Normally it is assumed that people are moving for economic reasons but this may not be the only reason which affects the migration decision. The paper tries to highlights on the probable cause of migration and its overall impact on both sending areas as well as receiving areas.

URL : http://www.borjournals.com/a/index.php/jbmssr/article/viewFile/1920/1262

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