Migration Patterns

Internal Migration in Bangladesh: Character, Drivers and Policy Issues

Author : Richard Marshall, Shibaab Rahman | 2016
Published By: UNDP

This paper therefore explores the nature, causes and dynamics of domestic migration, and specifically the role played by three distinct factors – livelihoods and economy, the quality of public services and the presence of challenging environmental conditions. It presents key findings, conclusions and offers a series of policy recommendations. However, an equally important aim is to generally inform and stimulate debate on migration and the associated policy questions. The supporting analyses employ a set of quantitative methods, and we aim to supplement the largely qualitative literature that has emerged in recent years. Yet at the outset, we underline that the rather weak data resources tend to limit what can be definitively concluded. It is also important to make clear that our purposes of the paper are fairly prosaic – at core we simply seek to map the pattern of movements and to test the three commonly assumed alternative drivers of migration (economy, environment and public service quality). The paper has three principle sections. The first provides the context - the national background and the body of theory which underpins the research undertaken. The second outlines the methods and analysis employed, and sets out the key findings. Third and finally, we provide conclusions and a series of policy recommendations.

URL : http://www.undp.org/content/dam/bangladesh/docs/Publications/Pub-2013/Internal%20Migration%20in%20Bangladesh%20UNDP%20Final.pdf

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