Migration Patterns

Towards a Better Response to Internal Labour Migration in India: Key Recommendations for the 12th Plan

Author : Subhojit Dey, Jyoti Sharma, Anjali Borhade | 2016
Published By: Planning Commision

India’s present urban population is around 350 million which is expected to grow up to 800 million by 2050. India will be increasingly living in cities and more than two-thirds of India’s economic output will be from urban areas. These numbers indicate that migration is here to stay and is going to increase exponentially in coming years with continued development. This will have huge impact on India’s society, culture, politics and natural and built environment. If we wish to continue on our path of developing into a strong, vibrant, sustainable democracy we should make our urban planning migrant friendly and inclusive.

URL : http://planningcommission.nic.in/data/ngo/csw/csw_lobor.pdf

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