Impact of Migration on Economic Development: A Study of Some Selected State

Author : Avijit Debnath, Niranjan Roy | 2011
Published By: IPEDR

Mobility has been an inherent part of human existence since the days of civilization. Migration in today’s world is shaped by a number of factors related to economic, political, religious, life risk, and various ethnic and sociocultural issues. In this paper, an attempt has been made to investigate firstly, the impact of a variety of economic and noneconomic factors on net in migration and secondly, the impact of net migration on the level of economic development in fifteen major states of India. Using pooled cross section data for fifteen major states, it has been found that net migration is positively influenced by level of Per Capita Income and level of road infrastructure, and negatively influenced by unemployment rate and cost of living. The other variable, crime rate, has been found insignificant as a determinant of migration, indicating that people migrating from one state to other do not concern about risk of life, they are rather concerned about basic needs of life. Further, migration development relationship tested in the present study indicates that level of development is positively associated with net migration. This finding defends the controversial belief that migration is beneficial for development and there is no reason to raise voice against human mobility in the context of Indian economy.

URL : http://www.ipedr.com/vol5/no1/42-H00092.pdf

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