Migration Patterns

Inclusion of Migrants: Some Innovative Practices in India

Author : Nilesh S. Mhatre | 2016
Published By: TMGT

India’s total population, as recorded in the recently concluded Census 2011, stands at 1.21 billion. Internal migrants in India constitute a large population 309 million internal migrants or 30 per cent of the population (Census of India, 2001), and by more recent estimates 326 million or 28.5 per cent of the population (NSSO 2007–08). Migrants faces crucial problems regarding identity, children’s education, health issues, legal aid and disputes, problems of female migrants etc. Some critical problems come along with the problem of migration. To overcome with these problems and for a better inclusion of these migrants in all manners, some serious steps should be taken by the government and by some social services groups, NGOs. The present paper focuses on some innovative practices implemented for the better social inclusion of internal migrants in India.

URL : http://tmgt.lsrj.in/SeminarPdf/342.pdf

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