Migration Patterns

Migration and Insecurity: Rethinking Mobility in the Neoliberal Age

Author : Ibrahim Sirkeci, Jeffrey Cohen | 2016
Published By: ACADEMIA

In Part 1 of this volume, James Carrier argues that anthropology finds itself in the midst of two crises. The first is internal, emerging from concerns over the future of our field and the role anthropology can play beyond the academy. The second is external, emerging from the economic crisis that began in 2008 (and which, though officially over, continues to challenge populations around the world). Although they have very different origins, Carrier says that both are reflections of neoliberal ideology and policy. The discipline external crisis was brought about by the failure of neoliberal economic policy; the internal crisis reflects the influence in the discipline of a world view that echoes the neoliberal approach to people defined as independent actors who should be free of social constraints that can limit their ability to act as they wish. In this chapter, we examine the rise of neoliberal ideology and the growth of neoliberal reforms as they relate to the study and practice of migration. We argue that migration neither can nor should be reduced to the decision of an individual mover or migrant.

URL : https://www.academia.edu/23215112/Migration_and_insecurity_rethinking_mobility_in_the_neoliberal_age?auto=view&campaign=weekly_digest

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