Distress Migration

Refugee Surge Brings Youth to an Aging Europe

Author : Trocaire | 2015
Published By: Pew Research Centre

The ongoing surge of refugees into Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other war-ravaged countries presents a striking demographic contrast: hundreds of thousands of predominantly young people trying to get into a region where the population is older than in almost any other place on earth.Europe has been graying for decades, primarily because of longer life expectancies and low birthrates (and, in some countries, high levels of emigration by young people of child-bearing age). In 1950, according to our analysis of data from the U.N.’s Population Division, 8% of the continent’s population was 65 or older; by 1990 that share had risen to 12.7%, and this year it’s estimated to be 17.6%.

URL : https://www.trocaire.org/sites/trocaire/files/resources/policy/migration-policy-briefing-2015.pdf

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