Migration Patterns

Urban Migration Trends, Challenges, Responses and Policy in the Asia–Pacific

Author : Graeme Hugo | 2014
Published By: IOM

This paper examines recent patterns of urbanization and urban growth in the Asia–Pacific. In doing this, it relies upon demographic data from national censuses and that compiled by UN DESA (2014b). Accordingly, at the outset, some important warnings need to be noted about differentiating between urban and rural areas with the criteria used varying widely between countries. An analysis is then made of changing levels of urbanization across the region and a simple attempt to relate it to the level of development. A common misconception regarding urbanization in the region is that it involves a simple redistribution of people from living in rural to living in urban areas. It is demonstrated here that the process is a much more complex one involving a mix of migration and mobility strategies as well as elements such as in situ urbanization and natural population increase. The challenges and opportunities which this presents for the region are considered.

URL : https://www.iom.int/sites/default/files/WMR-2015-Background-Paper-GHugo.pdf

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