Migration Patterns

Remittances in India: Facts and Issues

Author : Chinmay Tumbe | 2011
Published By: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

This paper provides a factsheet of domestic and international remittances at the State level and across household characteristics and discusses the extent of remittance dependency, it’s growth since the 1990’s , the different uses of remittances across States, the possible impact on source region inequality and its importance in enhancing ‘financial inclusion.’ Data from the 49th and 64th round migration related National Sample Surveys, the Reserve Bank of India and the 2001 Census are used for the analysis.

URL : http://www.iimb.ernet.in/research/sites/default/files/Chinmay%20Tumbe_Remittances%20in%20India%20Facts%20and%20Issues.pdf

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