Living and Working Conditions

Labour and Employment Issues in the Context of Emerging Rural-Urban Continuum: Dimensions, Processes and Policies

Author : Vijay Korra | 2015
Published By: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj

The prime focus of the paper is to bring out the prevailing dynamics of seasonal labour migration from ‘drought prone’ Mahabubnagar district of Telangana State. This is essentially important when examined the process of seasonal labour migration within the district perspective than looking between the regions that differ either geologically or socioeconomically. Seasonal migration is altering eventually hence this study aims at capturing the intra-dynamics of seasonal migration. The study reveals that the surveyed villages are currently increasingly becoming unemployable and therefore witnessed surplus workforce. Squeezed economic opportunities, non-viable agriculture, high indebtedness, survival and people’s increased monetary aspirations seems to be not just pervasive but mounting ever since the era of economic reforms commenced. On the other hand, seasonal migration is failed to contribute to migrants overall economic well being but brought solace to the migrants during adverse and distress times.

URL : http://www.nird.org.in/SRSankaranChair/LEICERUC26.pdf

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