Socio-economic Factors

Moving Out of Poverty: Making Migration Work Better for Poor People

Author : DFID | 2007
Published By: Department for International Development

The paper focuses on poor people who take a decision to leave their home and move through regular channels within their country of origin, or across international borders, in an attempt to improve their economic situation. It recognises that movement within national borders and defined regions is by far the most significant form of migration for poor people, and can help reduce poverty. DFID will therefore incorporate efforts to address migration into development policies and programmes.The paper identifies the main policy approaches that can help reduce poverty, bring about the development benefits of migration and reduce the risks.Although aimed primarily at development professionals, the paper recognises the important role of migration partners at national, regional and international level. It ends by setting out DFID’s plans for future work on migration and development.

URL : http://www.migrationdrc.org/publications/other_publications/Moving_Out_of_Poverty.pdf

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