Migration Patterns

The New Economic Case for Migration Restrictions: An Assessment

Author : Michael Clemens, Lant Pritchett | 2016
Published By: Center for Global Development

For decades, migration economics has stressed the effects of migration restrictions on income distribution in the host country. Recently the literature has taken a new direction by estimating the costs of migration restrictions to global economic efficiency. In contrast, a new strand of research posits that migration restrictions could be not only desirably redistributive, but in fact globally efficient. This is the new economic case for migration restrictions. The case rests on the possibility that without tight restrictions on migration, migrants from poor countries could transmit low productivity (Total Factor Productivity) to rich countries—offsetting efficiency gains from the spatial reallocation of labor from low to high-productivity places.

URL : http://www.cgdev.org/sites/default/files/CGD-Working-Paper-423-Clemens-Pritchett-New-Econ-Case-Migration_0.pdf

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