Rural Youth and Internal Migration

Author : Decent Rural Employment Team | 2013
Published By: United Nations

Overall, there is a general lack of reliable and comparable data on internal migration which does not allow to fully comprehend the internal migration patterns of youth, neither its determinants nor outcomes. Much of the available evidence is at country level and comes from case studies. For instance, the World Bank (2007) finds that more than half of the 4 million internal migrants moving across provinces in Vietnam over the period 1994-1999 were young people, with a highest migration rate within the 20-24 years old category. According to the World Bank, in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal, internal migrants are in average younger than migrants moving towards other African and OECD countries. For Burkina Faso, the World Bank 2009 survey (2011a, p. 27), finds that nearly all internal migrants were farmers in their original place of residence.

URL : http://www.fao-ilo.org/fileadmin/user_upload/fao_ilo/pdf/Internal_migration_Youth_FAO.pdf

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