Living and Working Conditions

Source of Livelihood and Inter-Temporal Mobility: Evidence from Western Odisha Villages

Author : Arup Mitra, Basanta K Pradhan | 2016
Published By: Institute of Economic Growth

Occupational structure reveals stagnancy: many of the activities pursue dare of residual type, and many individuals are non-workers. Also there is limited information on occupational mobility. However, it is observed that even in a stagnant region with limited opportunities income mobility is occurring, to a limited extent though. Agrarian contract forces households to look for better avenues. With improvement in educational levels individuals are shifting to services and other non-agricultural activities. Livelihood diversification is seen as a risk management strategy of the rural poor. Paucity of earnings compels many to access multiple sources of livelihood at a time. Such a phenomenon, however, implies a greater intensity of work to be pursued to earn the same subsistence level of income.

URL : http://www.iegindia.org/upload/publication/Workpap/wp364.pdf

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