Brick Kiln Workers

Seasonal Migration and Children’s Vulnerability: Case of Brick Kiln Migration from Ranchi District

Author : Himadri Sinha, Purnima Mishra | 2012
Published By: Institute for Economic and Social Development

Seasonal labour migration has not declined in spite of MGNREGA in Jharkhand. Nearly 30% villagers do migrate for 4-6 months to brick kiln along with their families. Article reviews the reason for migration based on a qualitative study conducted through FGD and PLA in 12 villages of Bero and Itki blocks of Ranchi district. Study analyses the type, pattern, cause and effect of migration to brick kiln and impact of such migration on children. It was reported children’s vulnerability increased due to migration much to the ignorance of the parents and due to their fatalistic life style. Article throws light on plausible way forward from this vicious cycle.

URL : http://www.iesd.org.in/jesd/Journal%20pdf/2012-VIII-1%20Himadri%20Sinha%20&%20%20Purnima%20Mishra.pdf

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