A Study of Migration of Workers in India

Author : Heena Upadhyaya | 2015
Published By: SIBM Pune Research Journal

In some regions of India, three out of four households include a migrant. The effects of migration on individuals, households and regions add up to a significant impact on the national economy and society. Migration can result in the permanent relocation of an individual or household, which we may term permanent migration. But if individuals migrate leaving their families and land and property in the area of origin, they may do so with the intention of reverting back to the area of origin. Despite the numbers, not much is written on migration within or from India and its considerable costs and returns remain outside of the public policy dominion. This paper reviews key issues relating to internal and external labour migration in India. It analyses the patterns, trends and nature of labour migration, along with the reasons behind inter-state migration and also from gender perspectives. At present, Census results for migration are available only till 2001, whereas NSS results are available till 2007–2008; hence much of our comparison is based on NSS results. All the studies are carried out based on census data 1981 onwards.

URL : http://www.i-scholar.in/index.php/samvad/article/viewFile/86009/78763

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