Brick Kiln Workers

Childhood on the Move : Lives of Young Migrants Living in Brick Kilns

Author : Umi Daniel | 2016
Published By: Aide at Action

In India close to 100 million people are seasonal migrants who are basically poor and disadvantaged unorganised labourers. They belong to and often migrate to cities and urban areas for seasonal employment. Children constitute 15-20% of the total seasonal migrant population who accompany their parents and live in various informal sectors such as brick kilns, construction sites, and stone crusher units. These migrant children are invisible and undocumented and spend half of their lives in unhealthy, polluted, congested, dusty and unfriendly environment and get excluded from accessing basic services and entitlements. Childhood on the move is a story about these children who suffer in silence and live a life of invisibility. It is an effort to highlight the plight of seasonal migrant children and engage and advocate for inclusive policies and programmes for the protection and welfare of internal migrant children.

URL : http://www.aea-southasia.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/CHILDHOOD-ON-THE-MOVE.pdf

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