Climate-Induced Displacement and Migration: Policy Gaps and Policy Alternative

Author : UNFCCC | 2015
Published By: UNFCCC

This briefing paper proposes six elements to be considered to the Protocol; they are; a) addressing causes of displacement and migration (both sudden and slow onset events) with a clear guideline in 'Global Adaptation Goal' and National Adaptation Plan with the provision of certain percentage of resources directly to the climate vulnerable communities, b) clear indication and guideline on State activities for undertaking long-term relocation strategy within the country through social empowerment and economic capacity building, c) State protection mechanism (social safety nets) and support services for the people trapped in the risky hotspots and urban slums, d) human rights based protection for the climate induced internal and cross-border migrants, and trapped population e) provision for 'ex situ' adaptation (adaptation beyond boundaries) with of full fundamental rights as per constitution of the host country and f) provision for 'entire community' migration, especially for the sinking island nations who are under threat of forced eviction by the impacts of climate change such as sea level rise.

URL : https://unfccc.int/files/adaptation/groups_committees/loss_and_damage_executive_committee/application/pdf/briefing_paper_climate_induced_displacement_and_migration.pdf

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