Socio-economic Factors

Remittances, Migration and Development: Policy Options and Policy Illusions

Author : Hein de Haas | 2016
Published By: Palgrave Macmillan

This chapter intends to turn the conventional analysis around by grounding the evaluation of actual and likely impacts of targeted ‘remittances, migration and development policies’ into a broader review of the empirical literature on the relationships between migration and remittances, on the one hand, and various dimensions of social, economic and cultural changes in the global South, on the other.On the basis of this broader understanding and theoretical framing, this chapter will subsequently assess the impacts of specific policies to increase remittances and improve the impact of migration and remittances on development in origin countries and communities. This chapter places particular emphasis o impact of remittances on development in receiving countries. It also attempts to develop thoughts on the specific features of South-South migration and what the likely impacts for social development as well as policy implications.

URL : http://www.heindehaas.com/Publications/De%20Haas,%20Hein%20-%20%20Remittances,%20Migration%20and%20Development.pdf

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