Impact of Increasing Migration on Women in Orissa

Author : Sansristi | 2016
Published By: National Commission for Women

Orissa has a large number of migrant female labourers who leave their villages in search of livelihood. The underdeveloped agricultural economy of the state which makes its population unemployed in lean season creates a deficit household economy, which gets further accentuated due to persistent natural disasters such as droughts and reduction of forest resources in tribal areas. Along with this, globalization has resulted in reduced market facilities and lack of employment opportunities for people. So more and more women are forced to migrate periodically to urban areas or to other states in search of work. They migrate with family members, relatives and friends. Earlier only the male members used to migrate but now a days the whole family migrates in search of employment.

URL : http://ncw.nic.in/pdfreports/MigrationWomeninOrissa_Sansristi.pdf

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