Migration Patterns

Women Domestic Workers: Their Life, Problem and Dream

Author : Bipul Hazarika, Saswata Ghosh, Aparajita Chattopadhyay, Amlan Majumder, Sunit Kumar | 2002
Published By: Centre for Women’s Studies

Women in our society have so far had only a secondary status. It is well known that the economic dependence of women upon men is one of the primary reasons which has pushed them into the background and resulted in their having only a secondary status both within and outside the family (Wadhera,1976). In spite of the fact that the fair sex has proved their mettle in every walk of life, their contribution is not given due credit in most cases. In India women constitute nearly half of the total population and they play a vital role in domestic sphere, in the rural field and also in urban economy. Yet, their economic status is still low as reflected by the census data itself that present a distorted picture of women particularly of those who are engaged in the informal sector of urban economy

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