Migration Patterns

Internal Migration, Remittance, and Contraceptive Use in India

Author : Apoorva Jadhav | 2016
Published By: Population Studies Center

In countries like India that are currently undergoing the fertility transition, the ways of fertility control may bear new meaning with migration and increased income aiding the diffusion of contraception. The pioneering work of Davis and Blake (1956) and Bongaarts (1978) has demonstrated the mechanisms by which proximate determinants influence fertility. The most notable is that of contraceptive use within the realm of marital fertility (Bongaarts 1978b; Davis and Blake 1956). However, distal determinants, or those that influence fertility only through direct interactions with proximate determinants of fertility, have received much less attention in the literature. The role of distal determinants such as socioeconomic and cultural factors is apparent only once the specific mediating mechanisms between distal and proximate determinants are closely studied.

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