Domestic Migration and Remittances in India: A Study of Rajasthani Tribal Migrants working in Gujarat.

Author : J. Howard M. Jones, Marylin Williams, Mahendra Prasad Joshi | 2016
Published By: Centre for Research and Administration Analysis

The study confirms the pervasiveness of domestic migration and remittances, and the exclusion of the poorer tribal migrants from the banking system. Most migrants interviewed were in paid employment, largely in the construction and service sectors. Although such work is usually regarded as menial and low paid, there was some evidence of occupational mobility and advancement. Great importance is attached to sending money home, mainly by migrants taking money themselves or using fellow migrants to do this for them, and the remittances are used for a wide variety of both production and consumption needs in their home villages.

URL : https://cream.conference-services.net/resources/952/2371/pdf/MECSC2011_0420_paper.pdf

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