Remittances and Sustainable Livelihoods in Semi-Arid Areas

Author : Chandan K. Samal | 2006
Published By: Asia-Pacific Development Journal

Can migrant remittances be a viable and sustainable livelihood solution for households in semi-arid areas? The present study attempts to examine the impact and potential of remittances from rural migrants in providing a viable livelihood diversification and investment option in rural areas. Focusing on the migration pattern in selected villages of semi-arid and drought prone districts of Andhra Pradesh, India, the paper argues that remittances do provide a scope for accumulation of wealth and asset creation for households in addition to providing basic consumption needs. If this wealth is to become a viable sustainable private investment option in rural areas there is a need to address some policy, institutional factors and other dynamics whereby the remittances become more a productive instrument; instead of just a means for reducing household poverty.

URL : http://www.cgg.gov.in/workingpapers/Remittances%20Paper.pdf

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