Internal Displacement in India: Status, Condition & Prospects of Return

Author : Monika Mandal | 2009
Published By: Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group

This paper examines the conflict- affected internal displacement in India. Insurgency and retaliatory operations by security forces are a major factor of displacement. In Kashmir, the Northeast and in several states of central India civilians have fled fighting zones and have sometimes been directly targeted by militant groups. Majorities of the internally displaced people (IDPs) have not been able to return for several years, either due to protracted conflicts or unresolved issues related to land and property. The national response to people fleeing conflict is often ad-hoc and largely insufficient. A first important step to improve assistance to internally displaced would be to conduct surveys in conflict-affected areas in order to document the magnitude of the problem as well as the needs of the displaced.

URL : http://www.mcrg.ac.in/rw%20files/RW33/3.IDP_Monika.pdf

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