Immunization Uptake among Children of a Migrant Tribal Community Living in an Eastern Indian city

Author : Yadlapalli Kusuma, Suchismita Mishra, Bontha V. Babu | 2013
Published By: Journal of Pediatric Sciences

In India, of the rural-urban migrants, a small segment of people migrated from tribal areas (hilly forest areas) and they possess more vulnerability due to their multiple disadvantage. Objective: To report immunization uptake of children of tribal migrants living in an urban city of Eastern India. Methods: Data were collected from 126 tribal households who migrated to the city during last 12 years. Data pertaining to the awareness of vaccines and reception of various vaccines were collected from mothers through interviewer administered questionnaire. Results: About 95% of mothers were aware of the vaccines. However, immunization uptake was low among this migrant tribal community. About 40% of children who attained 1 year age did not receive even a single vaccine, and none of the child received all doses of required vaccines. The uptake is too low among girl children. Conclusions: Migration favours low uptake of vaccination. Hence, migrant-sensitive approaches are to be placed along with the regular primary healthcare services existing in urban areas.

URL : http://www.pediatricsciences.com/article/view/1050000457/pdf_165

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