Migration Patterns

Urbanisation and Migration Trends in India

Author : Kamlesh Kr. Shukla, Sanjay Mishra, S.Tripathi, Ashmin Sing | 2016
Published By: ACADEMIA

The study presents a concurrent scenario of migration that is ongoing in India. Post independent India witnessed several transformations in various sectors. Due to unequal development and the indifferent attitude of development agencies and the Government,a considerable proportion of the rural population has immigrated to the urban places in search of better opportunities resulting in many problems such as unidentifiable population groups and slum formation. Migration from rural to urban has changed the nature and proportion of population and its supportive systems.The paper is based on Indian Census data from 1901-2001. It has been found that there is a strong association between industrialization and in-migration. Haryana state has emerged as a new and popular choice for the immigration, and Maharashtra state is the second most favourite destination by the out- migrants. By looking at the trend of the population growth it can be projected that the future population of Mumbai will be about 20 million in year 2011, while Delhi will have approximately more than 15 million inhabitants in the same year. Apart from these, many other newly emergencies, because of industries and other comparatively better human sustainable facilities are witnessing rapid population growth.

URL : https://www.academia.edu/9719905/Urbanization_and_migration_trends_in_India

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